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Pro Ana Tips – Drink Tons of Water

Pro Ana Tips – Drink Tons of Water

Pro Ana Tips – Water

In this Pro Ana Tips article we’ll explain the benefits of drinking water.  There are many benefits of drinking water not only for your health but also financial benefits as it’s normally FREE.  Some of this you may already know but some of what you’ll find in this article will surprise you.

Pro Ana Tips – Water Health Benefits

Did you know about 66% of your body is comprised of water?  Most of your most important organs are basically all water.  Not only that but 75% of an adult’s weight is water.  So say you weigh 100 pounds that means that 75 pounds is water.  Water is a very important part of our bodies and so if you are following these Pro Ana Tips you’ll soon learn that if you don’t drink water your body will let you know.  Not drinking enough water results in dehydration.

Think you know the symptoms of dehydration?  Well let’s review to make sure:

  • Decreased urination – Have you noticed recently you urinate much less than normal?  Your body thirsts for water every day (no pun intended) and if it thinks it’s not getting it’s normal daily supply then it’ll hold on to water more and instead of releasing it try to absorb every last drop.
  • Increased thirst – This is probably the first symptom you’ll notice.  If you feel very thirsty that’s your body telling you to wake up and drink some water!
  • Dry Mouth – If your body needs water it’ll start taking it from places that aren’t as important and that includes the mouth.  Have you noticed your mouth feeling dry, having a harder time speaking clearly, chewing or swallowing?  Dry mouth can lead to bad breath and tooth decay.  You definitely don’t want to look great then open your mouth and people run away do you?  Drink water!
  • Tired or Dizzy -  Feeling sluggish recently?  This may not only be because of dehydration but could also be that you aren’t consuming enough calories but drinking water is a cheap and quick way to find out.
  • Headaches – Do you get frequent headaches that seem to linger all day?  More of a dull headache then a sharp quick one.  Most likely this is a warning you are dehydrated or at least getting there.

Dehydration is a serious issue that can put you in the hospital quickly.  Please do not take these symptoms lightly if you feel as if you aren’t drinking enough water.  A quick and easy way to find out if you are hydrated is to just squeeze the skin on your forearm.  If you can grasp a good layer of skin then you are hydrated but if the skin seems to be hard to grasp then try hydrating.

There are many products you can use to hydrate yourself if you don’t want to drink water.  Let’s face it, water is basically tasteless.  One of my favorites is the Zero Calorie Vitamin Water products.  They provide you with vitamin nutrition as well as a tasty way to keep you hydrated.  They are, in my opinion, one of the best Pro Ana friends you can discover as far as drinks go that is.

Having a hard time getting into the habit of drinking water?  The best way is to just fill up a large travel mug or cup and just sip on it throughout the day.  You’ll be surprised of the amount of water you’ll drink if you keep this up through the day.

How much Water should you drink?  Well you’ll find different recommendations but basically if you can drink 2 liters of water per day you’ll be fine.

More Pro Ana Tips

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  1. Louise says:

    I would like some tips to lose weight.

  2. Artista says:

    Eat brown everything. Stay away from white sugar, bread, pasta, and rice. Measure your food and portion sizes. Drink water especially if you exercise! Exercise at 70% – 80% heart rate which maintains fat burning. For every pound of muscle you burn 50 extra calories. Watch alcohol. Full of empty calories


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