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Is Swimming or Running Better for Losing Weight

Is Swimming or Running Better for Losing Weight

Of course calories burnt varies depending on variety of factors.  For example how fast you are moving, how much weight you are using and how much you weigh all have an impact on how fast and how much a particular activity will burn fat and calories. Running can burn up to twice as many calories than swimming.  Again this number varies depending on how fast you are going and how much you weigh.  Both swimming and running are great exercise.  Running may burn more calories but there are benefits to both.

 One of the things that effects weather swimming or running is better for losing weight is how the exercise effects your body temperature.  Running allows you body temperature to raise more than swimming.  This can increase a rise in calorie burning even after working out.  The rise in body temperature that is caused by running has an effect that lasts long after your run is over.  This increase in body temperature causes an increase in metabolism.  Swimming on the other hand allows the body to stay closer to regular body temperature that means less of a boost in metabolism after your workout.

 Perhaps one of the biggest aspects that makes running burn more calories is that swimming is not a weight barring workout.  When you are running your bodyweight is working to aid in your calorie burning.  It is the same concept as adding hand or ankle weights to your walking or running to increase the calories burnt.  When you are in water your body actually weights less due to how the effects of gravity change when under water.  Swimming does have a resistance effect that is good for toning muscles, especially those that cannot be worked out by running or other exercises.

 That means that swimming is still good exercise.  We should all know that any exercise can lead to weight loss and swimming is no exception.  Swimming works out your lower and upper body.  Running only works on your lower body.   For a lean and skinny body that looks great you have to work on your whole body, from head to toe.  Swimming helps to make for a leaner core, something that is key to becoming skinny.

 Swimming is also good for the health of your joints.  Because it is low impact, swimming is not as harsh on your joints.  Because of this, swimming is a great choice of exercise if you have an injury of some kind.  Weather it is a twisted ankle, a pulled muscle, or a number of other conditions, swimming is an exercise that you can still do.  This is important because a small injury can lead to not keeping up on you fat burning exercising routine.  Swimming is something that you can still do and have a calorie-burning workout even conditions are not conducive to other workouts.

 When on a fitness and weight loss program it is important to know what are the best exercises for meeting your goals.  Many dieters have wondered, is swimming or running better for losing weight?  Running does indeed burn more calories and helps to continue to do so after the workout but swimming is also good for you.  Many trainers recommend a routine that combined both swimming and running.

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