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Do Over Weight People Lose Weight Faster?

Do Over Weight People Lose Weight Faster?

Over weight people tend to loose weight faster at first.  Over the first few weeks, weight loss may be significantly more for an over weight person than someone that just needs to loose a few pounds. But the truth is that after the initial period, the rapid loss of an over weight person will taper off. There are many reasons for this.  It is important to keep this in mind when thinking about and comparing your weight loss with others.

 One of the reasons over weight people loose weight at a faster rate at first is there is a big change in diet.  Chances are that if you have only a few pounds to loose your diet is not that far off from a calorie burning one. If this is the case a deficit in calories that will cause weight loss may be very little.  If someone is very over weight, starting a lean diet can be an extreme change in the number of calories eaten.  This fact alone will increase the weight loss of someone that is over weight.  As some of the weight comes off of an overweight body the less calorie deficit will be needed to loose weight.  This will cause a natural slowing down of weight loss.  People that are in this situation should be aware of this so as to not to become discouraged in their attempts to loose weight.  If you are following a lean diet and good exercise program, the weight will still come off.  It will just be a slower and steadier pace.

 Another thing that aids in this effect is that the number of calories burnt is affected by how much weight you are barring.  That means, the heaver you are, the more calories you will burn while working out. An eighty-pound difference in body weight can mean up to double the calories burnt while doing activities such as running or aerobics. This is the same effect as if you added weights to your ankles while running.  It adds to the calories burnt because you are forced to move more weight and that takes more effort.  In over weight people this effect will begin to equalize, as weight is loss because they have less extra weight to carry around.

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 It will be the cases that over weight people lose Weight Faster than others that might only have a small amount to loose.  Dieters will find that the more you have to loose to begin with, the faster you will loose it at first.  The important thing to remember is that everyone looses weight at a different rate.  Do not be discouraged if your weight loss slows down after an initial period of loss.  Just keep going with your plans to achieve your goals and you will keep loosing.  If it happens to you that your weight loss slows it may be a sign that you are getting closer to your ideal weight.  It is important to stay motivated and involved with your weight loss even if it is not happening as fast as you would like it.



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    Thanks you for the information shared. It is so hard for me to lose weight being so heavy. But I know there is hope and your article has helped.



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