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Count your calories and make your calories count

Count your calories and make your calories count

If you have been counting calories then you know how many calories to consume for weight loss.  But did you know that some calories are better than others?  When choosing how to spend your precious calories be sure to remember that you still need to choose carefully, use them wisely and keep nutrition in mind.  Calories that are empty really do your body no good.  You need to stay healthy and thin, eating nutrient dense foods will help you do that.  Some of the most nutrient dense foods are fruits and vegetables that are dark or bright in color like, kale, blueberries and broccoli.

 We all certainly know that it is the case that most healthy foods are lower in fat and calories.  There are obvious things like choosing grilled proteins over fried.  But some choices are harder to make than others, especially when buying prepared food.  Be sure to keep reading your labels.  Two options that are seemingly similar can have a very different calorie count.  For example the same salad from one restaurant to the next can vary greatly.  Many restaurants have the calories and fat listed on the menu, but if not that information should always be available if you ask your server or the restaurant manager.  Larger chain restaurants may even have this information on the company’s website or other sources.  That way you can be prepared.  Knowing what are good food choices before going out to eat will reduce of making last minute and impulsive food decisions.

 An even better environment for healthy and diet friendly food choices is to make food from scratch.  When you make it you get to choose every ingredient. This even gives you the ability to replace more fattening ingredients in recipes you might be following.  Try remaking one of your favorite dishes with the least amount of calories and fat possible.  There is good chance you can make something delicious, nutritious and fit into your regimented calorie intake.

 Making health choices do double duty.  Fueling your body in a lean and healthy way is a great way to stay thin and at the top of your game.  Have nutritious food will help keep up your stamina during workouts. Poor nutrition will lead to feeling tired and worn out before your workout is done. You will be able to workout longer and harder if you have the right amounts of the nutrition. You might feel so good that you will add in another set or two.

 Eating nutrient dense food with help to keep you from feeling hungry longer.  When you eat food with a low density of nutrition you may feel satisfied at first but hunger can come on sooner than if you would have made a better choice.  Nutrient rich foods with things like fiber and protein will keep you feeling full.  Choosing these foods will help you eat less because you wont be hungry as often.   A good example of why this happens is to look at the difference between drinking juice and eating the fruit itself.  For example, when you eat an apple it has half the calories and sugar, and three times the dietary fiber as drinking a small glass of apple juice.  Remember it is not just about how many calories to consume for weight loss, it is about what kinds of calories you consume.

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